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NAR Georgi Tactical Licensed Bleed kit

This kit is the personal carry kit for our owner and main instructor, Trevor Georgi. This kit comes with all the basic necessary tools and supplies to adminster immediate, critical medical stop the bleed intervention while awaiting EMS units to arrive on scene.  Pair this kit with GTI's Severe Bleeding and Trauma course, and learn how you can be the difference in a life saving emergency.

Kit includes:
1x C.A.T- Orange

1x Black Tourniquet Holder

1x Combat gauze w/ Hemostatic Bandage LE
1x NAR Wound Packing Gauze

1x Hyfin Vented Chest Seal Dressing- Twin Pack
1x  Trauma Shears- Small
1x Responder Flat ETD 6inch

NAR Georgi Tactical Licensed Bleed kit

SKU: 401
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Currently all of NAR's ETD bandages are back ordered until Aug of 2022. Please message us for more information, and we can work out what we can swap into the kit for you while we wait for supplies to restock.

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